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antarian_skies's Journal

::Candy Clouds Of Lullaby::
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MCR, 30 Seconds To Mars, Roswell, Heroes, Doctor Who, Torchwood, LoM icons and other graphics.
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23; Polish; Libra/Scorpio; Blue-Eyed Blonde; Sensible; Single; Proud Of Being Single; English Student; Fangirl; Bitch; Lazy;

Muse; Doctor Who; Christopher Eccleston; Grey's Anatomy; Barney Stinson; Twiilight, Bella Swan; Edward Cullen; Marcin Perchuć; Roswell; Paweł Małaszyński; Paweł Jankowski; Pink Strawberries; Aliens; TV Shows; Water Melons; Oranges; Bananas; Ice-Cream; Jason Behr; Photoshop CS3; Making Icons; Sexy Arabians; London; Evanescence; Making People Miserable; LJ; Crosswords; Sudoku; Snow; My Chemical Romance; Ray Toro; Toro's Afro; Frank Iero; Shannon Leto;

MUSE; COLDPLAY; COMA; HAPPYSAD; GREEN DAY; 30 SECONDS TO MARS; Katy Perry; My Chemical Romance; Myslovitz; Dido; Alicia Keys; Lady Pank; Bryan Adams; Nirvana; Evanescence; Linkin Park; System Of A Down; Amy MacDonald; Millionaire; Franz Ferdinand;
DO NOT claim my icons as yours.
Comment when taking and tell me which icons you're taking.
CREDIT shirven or antarian_skies.
Textless icons ARE NOT bases.
Don't change anything in my icons.
Nominations are love and very welcome but please, tell me.

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